Madden NFL 18 German Masters: Grand Finale in Livestream 


Eight division winners - a grand finale. On January 13, Germany will broadcast the finale of the Madden NFL 18 German Masters from the TV studio in Munich in a livestream.


Eight finalists compete in the grand finale of the Madden NFL 18 German Masters. Everyone represents a division of the NFL and will compete as their champion for the final showdown. There were eight tournaments in advance, one for each division of the two Conferences.

Hundreds of Madden fans took up the challenge and sat down with the best Madden players in Germany, talk about things of Madden 18, players, team building and Madden 18 coins buy, etc. . Eight division champions remained and they drive to Munich for the final.

Who will be the champion?
In the local TV studio, the winners fight for a trip to the Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida. Each of them is a specialist in Madden and has his own tactics to win. Read or weigh your opponent in safety, concentrate on running or passing moves, focus on your own team or counterattack - There are as many different tactics as there are finalists. But who prevails among the best in Germany? Who will win the Madden NFL 18 German Masters? We answer this question on January 13th.

The website “” will broadcast the finale from Munich free of charge and in full livestream. Of course, the whole thing is commented on by Patrick Esume and Roman Motzkus, with Max Zielke taking over. Do not miss the high point of the Madden season so far!

What do you think? Do you think that there are better Madden 18 players in your country? Sure thing, but this time is the opportunity of the German professionals. Maybe in the future EA will take a look around and it will decide to create another tournament in other countries.  

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